Please read our terms and conditions.

  $30 per month

(min 24 month contract)

Plus     $100 setup fee

(fee includes domain registration for 2 years)

Terms and conditions

of  “Showtech Enterprises” trading as “Your Finished Website”.

What Your Finished Website offers our paying customer(s) or client(’s).

*Your Finished Website is referred to as YFW in this document.

*A client is (a)any person or entity who has agreed to the terms and conditions. And.

(b) YFW has received and acknowledged the first monthly payment and setup fee equal to the   amount  stated at the time of  payment on the YFW website.

YFW mission is to supply quality website for small business and do it for a fixed monthly price as stated on YFW website.

  1. Upon payment of the setup fee by the client. (Setup fee amount is stated on the YFW website.) YFW will give its clients the choice from the available close matching domain names. (These domain names will be close matching to the client’s business name.) YFW will register the clients chosen domain name provided it is still available. If the domain name is no longer available YFW will register the client’s next choice. If this domain name is taken we will move to the client’s next choice. This will go on till a domain name is registered for the client. The domain name will belong to the client and therefore the client will be responsible for the cost of reregistering the clients domain name in the years that follow.
  2. YFW will take the photos or use photos supplied by the client and make them web friendly.
  3. YFW will place the photos on the client’s website or in a gallery page on the website.
  4. YFW will search for good reviews and place on your site. If possible and where required.
  5. YFW will scan or take copies of any documents the client wishes to place on the site. (such as menus or price lists etc.)
  6. YFW will write appropriate content if the client requires it.
  7. YFW will have all content proofread to make sure it is correct English.
  8. YFW will as it deems fit, optimize the site for SEO. (search engine optimisatiom.)
  9.  YFW will do it best to make all sites are responsive. (mobile & tablet friendly.)
  10.  YFW will place any social links that the client has on the site. (e.g. facebook etc.)
  11.  YFW to the best of it ability host the website and keep it maintained.
  12.  YFW will allow one hour a month for any content or image changes requested by the client. This one hour a month will expire at the end of each month and does not accrue. Any extra hours of work requested by the client will be quoted for by YFW at the time of the required work.
  13.  YFW reserves the right to council any client account at any time without reason being given. YFW will refund any monies YFW deems the client has in credit by YFW records.
  14.  YFW uses wordpress templates for all websites.
  15.  YFW will suspend and take down a client’s website if client is more than 7 days overdue.
  16.  All YFW clients will be required to sign up for a minimum of 12 months to qualify for the price stated at the time on YFW website.
  17. YFW will not place on any client’s website content that YFW deems inappropriate or pornographic.
  18. YFW is not responsible in anyway for any content supplied by or approved a client and placed on the client’s website. This includes content written by YFW for and on behalf off a client. Nor does anything stated on any client’s website represent the views held by YFW.
  19. YFW clients are limit to 6 pages in total.
  20. YFW does not supply e-commerce sites of any kind.
  21. YFW clients are limited to 1gigabate of bandwidth traffic a month. YFW will supply extra band width at a negotiated price.
  22. YFW clients websites all share the same IP address. If a separate IP is required this at a negotiated price with YFW.
  23. YFW clients retain the right to all content and images supplied by them and also their domain name. All other content, images and website design remain the property of YFW.
  24. YFW reserves the right change terms and condition as it sees fit at any time.